Monday, May 12, 2008

Yep, more Lamps

Well I'm still at it, Ive nowhere near decluttered as much as I would like, every closet I open i find something that I had forgotten More lamps, more lampshades, more chenille bedspreads, sheets, tablecloths, oh the list goes on and on...
I had a lovely Mothers Day, breakfast in bed, a cappuccino in my favourite pink cup and pressies too, I got some lovely Organic pink body wash, hand cream, nail polish and hairbands from my gorgeous boys which they bought from their school stall.
I was so impressed, I remember the Mothers Day stalls when I was a kid, each mum had to donate something for the stall, so it was basically all the other mums rubbish that they didn't want. One year I bought mum the item she had donated, now that just proves I know what my mum likes (or at least use to like in that
After that we went for a drive and visited a few antique shops in Yarra Glen, and believe it or not I didn't find a thing to buy (as I have my new no more dust collectors rule in place whilst decluttering). There was a gorgeous chaise lounge that caught my eye, in pink of course, I would have loved to buy but unfortunately the price was extremely ugly. We also visited a gorgeous shop that was just full and I mean FULL of teapots and teacups, I wish I had of taken a pic. There was one teapot i loved, it looked exactly like a rosebud, sooo cute, but alas, no more dust collectors, I was strong!
Anywhoo here are a couple more of my latest lamps, these ones are for me, the floral one is made from the same fabric as my curtains and the green one is to go in my lounge room..
Have a nice day!