Friday, September 5, 2008

Spring has sprung!!

The grass is green and growing, the horses have a bit more pep in their step, the sheep are starting to lamb, the roosters are friskier than ever, fruit trees flowering, and I can enjoy the sunshine. I love spring!!

Here is my first Damara lamb ( fat-tail sheep) of the season, what a cutie...

Funny looking animal arent they, kind of a cross between a goat and a sheep, they shed their wool and need no shearing.

Thought Id share some pictures of my boys new pet Roosters - Dude & Frizzle. Dude is the spunky black one and seems to be the popular one with the
Frizzle is the funny shaggy one, the ladies just arent quite sure about him..

Everyone loves bread time!!

The orange pigface in my garden is looking stunning, I also love the fact that it looks after

Have a nice day!

Sewing sewing

Wow, its been a while since my last entry, so much happening, Ive been sewing like a mad woman, custom orders aplenty!! Im also decluttering, redecorating and preparing for my bathroom and laundry reno, yay once they are done thats the house finished, ahhh finally!!

Im selling lots of furniture and knick knacks to make way for the " new look" which ive decided will be french country, so a lot of my things can stay but a lot must go. Fun Fun..

Heres some pics of a couple of things I have made recently...

Have a nice day!