Thursday, April 23, 2009

The new arival

I left home yesterday for a visit to the horse dentist with one horse on a float and came home with 2, well one and a My gorgeous old friend of 24 years Rebel passed away in December not long after his 34th birthday. I miss him dearly and so did my other horse " Rocca", I felt awful seeing him all by himself with no horse to talk to.

Well it must have been karma as this little miniature pony was offered to me, supposedly a bit of a grump with a few bad habits but hey, we can all be like that cant we. On our way home we stopped for a quick visit and I was talked into loading him onto the float as well ( although he would have fit in the back
Ive called him "Salem" as hes a bit of a devil and does have a few cheeky ways but otherwise hes real sweety. A bit of time spent on him and he will be fine, hes only 3 years old so Im thinking about breaking him in.
Rocca seems very happy with his new companion and the size difference doesn't seem to be a problem, its quite funny to watch them together though. When I call them up for dinner my big boy thunders up and then miles behind with his teeny tiny little legs going as fast as they can go is little Salem, hilarious!..