Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lotus Flowers

These are so pretty I just had to share them.
We bought a beautiful Lotus plant a couple of years ago and popped it in out Dam, it has spread like wildfire and looks so lovely when in flower with its enormous pale pink flowers and big leaves which the frogs call home. The sound outside in summer is amazing, all different frog voices singing and croaking. My goats also like to nibble on the ones that grow close to the edge. My boys were swimming yesterday in the searing Melbourne heat and I asked them to swim out and pluck a few for me. Here they are..
Have a nice day!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Craft & Stitches show

I went to the Melbourne Craft & Stitches show yesterday with my lovely artist friend Anna.
So many pretty fabrics, and I was so strong and didn't buy even a For those of you who have seen my stash and heard me say a bazillion times "I'm not buying anymore fabric, I have too much" well I was actually true to my word...Oh it was difficult though.
So many gorgeous quilts and bags to see, really beautiful things made by very talented ladies. I wish I had remembered to take some pics but I was so mesmerised by all the goodies I forgot.
I bought some pretty pearl trim for my lamps, some sparkly beads for I have no idea what, some pretty applique pictures for my cushions and quilts, some buttons, bag handles and a shadow trapunto kit of a gorgeous fairy.. And of course this lovely pink bag..
A lovely day which inspired me to get sewing..Have a nice day!