Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where did the time go !!

Wow, its been so long since I have blogged... I have been pre-occupied with my bathroom and laundry renovations, choosing colors, tapware, tiles etc. No more yukky retro blue floor tiles, no more yukky blue laminex benches. Its a pretty big job, the whole lot is being gutted, nothing worthy of keeping..lol , walls are being removed, windows are being made bigger, doorways changed, I will be glad when its all over and it only started yesterday. They will be working with a jackhammer and a diamond saw for the next few days, ewww, noise and dust !! Will post pics when its done ( in about 3 - 4 weeks ).

I have hardly been near my poor sewing machines this month so sadly I have nothing new to show you, I am in the middle of a couple of new projects though so it wont be long till they are finished ( hopefully ).

I did buy a new camera after my old one bit the dust, its amazing the things I can do with the newie, no computer software needed.. Heres a few random shots and some piccies of my fat Demara lambs that were born in August, they are so cute!!

Hoope everyone is brilliant!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pretty things..

Hi everyone, Ive managed to squeeze in time for a quick bit of blogging, my poor blog, neglected again..
Here is a picture of my latest bag, a style I have been making for quite some years but it is still a favourite, so feminine and girly. This fabric was hard to resist so I just had to have a little ( actually I bought quite a bit of it..lol ). Looks sweet with the purple ruffle I thought..

Id like to show off this enormous bunch of Proteas my husband came home with for my birthday, I just love Australian native flowers..!!
I got so spoilt, a day of fun shopping, then out to dinner with my gorgeous husband and kids for a lovely meal and lovely wine at one of my favourite little restaurants in the hills. Perfect ..

Happy days everyone

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cupcake quilt..

Well its been ages since I have blogged or even visited anyone, slack I know, Ive been preoccupied with unfinished projects, children, animals etc. School holidays are also here so I am enjoying having my boys home with me, I miss them when they are at school, ah they just grow up so quickly, 7 years have just flown by..Scary really....
Here are some pics of one of my latest projects anyway. It was a a custom order, queen size quilt made for a gorgeous little girl who loves cupcakes and icecream. I had a ball making this one, it took me ages, lots of appliqueing and then quilting !! Im thrilled with the finished result is just so girly.

Keep warm everyone.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Le stunning !!

Wow, how gorgeous is this !

I bought this lovely frame on ebay of course, it was a mirror. Strangely when I hung it on the wall it suddenly turned all reflection into something you would see in the " house of mirrors " at an amusement park. Now, even though the mirrors made everyone look extremely tall and skinny rather than the alternative of short and fat when it was hanging sideways, I decided the mirror had to go. My wonderfully talented friend Anna painted me this gorgeous picture to put inside. Of course there was the dilemma of removing the mirror which I realised had been glued in... I couldnt bring myself to break it, I dont like the idea of 7 years bad luck hanging over my head, so I took it to the local framer who smashed it out on the spot and popped my new masterpeice in. It looks lovely hanging above the bed, Im thrilled..

PS I have been a little lazy blogging lately, just not enough hours in the day, I be visiting soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The new arival

I left home yesterday for a visit to the horse dentist with one horse on a float and came home with 2, well one and a quarter..lol My gorgeous old friend of 24 years Rebel passed away in December not long after his 34th birthday. I miss him dearly and so did my other horse " Rocca", I felt awful seeing him all by himself with no horse to talk to.

Well it must have been karma as this little miniature pony was offered to me, supposedly a bit of a grump with a few bad habits but hey, we can all be like that cant we. On our way home we stopped for a quick visit and I was talked into loading him onto the float as well ( although he would have fit in the back seat..lol).
Ive called him "Salem" as hes a bit of a devil and does have a few cheeky ways but otherwise hes real sweety. A bit of time spent on him and he will be fine, hes only 3 years old so Im thinking about breaking him in.
Rocca seems very happy with his new companion and the size difference doesn't seem to be a problem, its quite funny to watch them together though. When I call them up for dinner my big boy thunders up and then miles behind with his teeny tiny little legs going as fast as they can go is little Salem, hilarious!..

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrapalicious !!

Here is my latest finished quilt, I have named it Scrapalicious!!
I sat hand stitching the binding to the back of my quilt by the glow of the television whilst watching Desperate Housewives then Brothers & sisters until finally the last stitch was in place.....ahhhh all done, I love that feeling.

I started this scrappy quilt before Christmas and have finally moved it from the unfinished projects pile to the end of my bed. I was on a bit of a mission to get my stash pile down but as I mentioned in my previous post, I always seem to be missing just that bit of something, I know all you crafters out there know exactly what I'm talking about. I refrained quite well though on this one I think. Its made completely from my scrap pile with the exception of the gorgeous hot pink fabric I used for the binding which I had sitting there waiting for ever ( along with all the rest ) for the right project to come along . As for my scrap pile, well, its still enormous. I think it always will be.

I have two quilts under construction at the moment, one in its final stages with the top being completed and I have just started an heirloom quilt for my mum, I really should learn to finish one thing before starting another but when the mood strikes you just have to take action ( and I might forget my ideas .lol.) ....
Unil next time,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Patchwork Pretty..

I love spots, even my horse has them..

Ive been spending a bit more time in the saddle than behind the sewing machine lately. I did manage to make this pretty patchwork bag the other day. I have so many scraps in my stash at the moment, I thought what better thing to make than a scrappy patchwork bag with some of my favourite pinks. Well one thing led to another and the moment I finished the bag I started on a new scrap quilt which I planned on making completely from my scrap stash, I love making scrap quilts and I cant tell you how many i have made as I have lost count, but I can tell you that no matter how hard I try to refrain from purchasing any more fabric I always weaken ( I havent yet, yippee ), there's always just that little bit of something missing. I have finished the top and am now in the process of quilting the 3 layers together and then of course there's the binding.. Strangely after completing the bag and the quilt top my stash looks not one teeny bit smaller, it could be that half a yard of pink roses that I just had to have or maybe the polka dots.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Creativity !!

I found this so ummm cute? well funny anyway I just had to share. My son made this clay monster a few days ago, now dry he brought it out proudly to show me. If you look really closely you can see he has leaves for ears and arms, his hair is made from carefully selected little twigs. Now if you look really closely, really closely

Can you see what his eyes, nose and mouth are made from?? Can you guess?

If you thought Rabbit Poo then you would be right, yep, very carefully placed rabbit poo. Now thats what I call creative..lol

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dinner Guests

We awoke to a gorgeous drizzly morning this morning, not rain unfortunately but at least a little sprinkle. In the background I could also hears birds, lots of birds. I grabbed the camera to take some snaps of these gorgeous Rainbow Lorikeets feasting on my apple trees. The apples this year have suffered and arent nearly as good as the past few years, many are sunburnt and small but the trees are laden and my guests only seem to eat the ones I cant reach anyway so we dont mind sharing. The ones that fall or get dropped on the ground are then eaten by the sheep, goats and cows so nothing goes to waste at least. Arent they pretty, the colours are just amazing!

Friday, February 20, 2009

What the ?????

I'd like to introduce you to my cat Mufasa ( named after the Lion king of course ), the boys chose him from an animal shelter a couple of years ago and he is a fabulous farm cat. He is fearless by nature and spends his day hunting rabbits which are bigger and heavier than him, hes quite amazing.
The kennel pictured belongs to Flash the Jack Russell.
We arrived home this afternoon to find Mufasa fast asleep in Flash's kennel, with apparently no intention of moving, even the poor Flash couldnt get him out, he stood there barking for ages, Mufasa didnt even bother to completely open his eyes, he just ignored him... Poor Flashy who will take on a fox without hesitation would not dare to mess with the cat..
Looks like I may have to get another kennel.. I hope Flash's pride isnt too badly bruised. lol
Photos taken in order of the event..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sweet Cupcakes

Well here they are, my new range of cushions.
I have had great fun making these and there are many more on the way in lots of different colors and textures, my ideas seem limitless at the moment, now all I have to do is jot them down so I dont forget them all.
Does anyone else have that problem? Sometimes there is just no stopping me and other times I have " sewers block " where i just sit and wonder hmm what can I make, but all that comes to me is a big nothing....
I have taken a couple of custom orders Cupcake cushions with little girls names requested underneath in place of the word "Cupcake" and they look so sweet.
Its nice to get back into the swing of things, it sure has taken me a while this year. Time seems to just vanish, where does it go?
Ive managed to list a few on ebay and also a couple on my website.
Take care,