Monday, December 15, 2008

Fashionably late..

Well I am fashionably late for the party, sorry gals!
5 Things I love about Christmas
1.. The smell of a real Christmas tree ( unfortunately I do not love the pine needles it drops everywhere and the fact that the decorations are inclined to fall off at the slightest touch!)
2.. Decorations, here is my favourite Biker Santa, he sings and bops to the music. And the beautiful Reindeer and sleigh my mother-in-law made me last year is my absolute fave , ( yes I used last years pics, lack of time you
3.. The food, oh the food, and the wine, plenty of wine !! Its the only day of the year I really eat ( and drink ) whatever I want and as much of it as I can fit I also love the leftovers that we all eat for the next week, makes cooking a breeze.
4.. The divine smell of the coffee first thing in the morning and the excited tearing of paper as presents are unveiled.
5.. Putting out the reindeer food, which is my horses food with a bit of glitter added so the Reindeer can see it sparkling from the sky, the birds or rabbits eat it during the night so its always gone in the morning, except for the glitter, reindeer dont eat glitter you We always leave Santa a glass of milk and a bit of Christmas cake too.
Have a nice day!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh OH I double booked !!

Things get so hectic around Christmas, Im so sorry everyone I double booked myself on the 13th ( with a very valid explanation). I was hosting a birthday party for my boys, 8 children on sugar highs running around the house, I had planned on an outside party, I had not planned on the pouring rain - all day!! We had pinatas, and games a plenty, lots of lollies and cake too.. Im still cleaning up the I will add my pics over the next couple of days... So sorry I missed the party, a thousand apologies.. Ahh the chaos of Christmas, so much to do, such little time..
Heres a piccy of the birthday cake I made, dont laugh!!

PS. I love my beautiful banner made by Jullie at Yhanks Julles, Its perfect!!
Have a nice day!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chrissy Things

Well in between the Christmas madness that has already begun, organising for my twin boys birthday party ( how quickly they have grown!! ) and a busy schedule in general I have been busy making these adorable little christmas boots. They have plenty of room inside for all those little blingy things that we crave at christmas time, hanging on a bed with the latest jewellery catalogue is a great hint dont you

You can find these for sale in my ebay listings. I have traditional christmas colors available as well as pretty pinks and blues for the shabby lovers.. My ebay link is on the right of the page..

Ho Ho Ho and Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chrissy Swap

Joy! My Christmas swap parcel was waiting for me at the Post Office this morning, an intriguing big box wrapped in brown paper and a big Christmassy address on the top all for me.. Armed with my cappuccino straight from the cafe i rushed to my car and excitedly ripped off the paper to find a gorgeous festive box, ribbon and all. Coffee safely in the coffee holder I opened the lid, everything was so pretty, firstly a gorgeous blingy pink Christmas stocking with tiny white beads hand sewn on, a divine little mirrored trinket box, I love it! Dig a little deeper, ah ha some pretty decorations for my tree, I just adore the clip on birds with the pink feather tails! Vanilla and orange bath salts for when I want to relax, a pretty note pad, so very cute, 2 Santa stockings filled with Santa stamps and pencils and a little Santa choccy ( 1 stocking each for my boys, they will love it ), a divine tag complete with a crystal and last but not least an adorable Tussie Mussie filled with chocolates.. I'm afraid I cant show you a picture of the Chocolates though as I ate them all on the way home, well it is a 15 minute drive you
So a very big thank you to my wonderful swap partner Linda, you are amazing. I hope you like yours as much as I like mine!!
Have a nice day!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ta dah !!

Remember that ugly old desk pictured in my previous post that was ready for the junk pile? Well here she is all finished at last.

I love reviving old wooden furniture and giving it a new life, its always amazing seeing the end result.

I added new hinges, fixed the lovely old pigoen hole shelves that were falling apart , sanded the whole thing, applied many coats of paint, glued on the french moulds , rubbed it all back for that antique appeal and last but not least,a coat of clear sealer to make fingerprints easy to remove ..

I love how its turned out, now I just have to find somewhere to put it..Have a nice day!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I set off this morning, I had to pick up a lovely old writing desk which I had purchased to revamp, I have wanted one for ages. Here it is, nowhere as bad as I thought it would be, it even has the original key, I cant wait to get started. Its in quite good condition underneath all the scratches so now i have to decide whether to paint it white or restore it to its original state.hhmmm.. Any thoughts??

I also popped into a few shops on my way home, I bought some more crystal decs for the tree, I love the cupcake one.. I had also been bursting to get PINK's new CD ( its great by the way, I love her!!).
Well Im off to turn the stereo up loud and get sanding
Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jingle bells, jingle bells !!

Wow, hasn't the festive season snuck up quickly, the shopping centres are all ready laden with gorgeous decorations reminding us that its time to get into gear.. Time to start thinking about making the pudding and Christmas cake I guess.
I have recently bought myself an embroidery machine and I'm having an absolute blast making new creations. Here's a peek at a few of my recent pieces. The door hangers are filled with lavender and smell beeeutiful. Lots more to come, now back to sewing...............
Have a nice day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blue Roses

Dont these look beautiful ( if i do say so A custom order for a lovely lady in need of some blue rose lamps to go with her French Provincial themed bedroom. The fabric is just gorgeous.

Well Christmas is just around the corner, I have been very busy in my sewing room creating new goodies for the occasion. Hopefully I will have some pictures for you soon, ahh where does the day go..

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The great Aussie Outback

Thought Id share a few piccies of our trip during the school holidays. We went to a friends sheep station in a place called Wilcannia N.S.W. The drought has really hit that town, its so very very dry and hot, the Darling river runs through the property, its not running at the moment though its just big water holes. You can walk across it in most places, so very sad. Ive taken a pic to show you just how empty it looks at the moment. They haven't had decent rain for such a long time. There was a storm on the Friday night, lots of thunder and lightning and a small amount of rain, I spent ages trying to get a shot of the lightning, I finally did, its not great but its something..
The fishing was still quite good, we caught a few Yellow Belly which the kids love to eat.
There were tiny gecko's hiding behind the bark in the trees so the boys had a great time playing with those.. On the way home there were stumpy tail lizards everywhere on the side of the road eating flowers, the kids made us stop and say hello to a couple..

It was an 11 hour drive so I loaded myself up with every craft magazine available and of course the latest Country Home Ideas. My head is spinning with ideas now i just don't know where to

Its lovely to get away but Ahh its nice to be home again..
Have a nice day!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Spring has sprung!!

The grass is green and growing, the horses have a bit more pep in their step, the sheep are starting to lamb, the roosters are friskier than ever, fruit trees flowering, and I can enjoy the sunshine. I love spring!!

Here is my first Damara lamb ( fat-tail sheep) of the season, what a cutie...

Funny looking animal arent they, kind of a cross between a goat and a sheep, they shed their wool and need no shearing.

Thought Id share some pictures of my boys new pet Roosters - Dude & Frizzle. Dude is the spunky black one and seems to be the popular one with the
Frizzle is the funny shaggy one, the ladies just arent quite sure about him..

Everyone loves bread time!!

The orange pigface in my garden is looking stunning, I also love the fact that it looks after

Have a nice day!