Monday, December 15, 2008

Fashionably late..

Well I am fashionably late for the party, sorry gals!
5 Things I love about Christmas
1.. The smell of a real Christmas tree ( unfortunately I do not love the pine needles it drops everywhere and the fact that the decorations are inclined to fall off at the slightest touch!)
2.. Decorations, here is my favourite Biker Santa, he sings and bops to the music. And the beautiful Reindeer and sleigh my mother-in-law made me last year is my absolute fave , ( yes I used last years pics, lack of time you
3.. The food, oh the food, and the wine, plenty of wine !! Its the only day of the year I really eat ( and drink ) whatever I want and as much of it as I can fit I also love the leftovers that we all eat for the next week, makes cooking a breeze.
4.. The divine smell of the coffee first thing in the morning and the excited tearing of paper as presents are unveiled.
5.. Putting out the reindeer food, which is my horses food with a bit of glitter added so the Reindeer can see it sparkling from the sky, the birds or rabbits eat it during the night so its always gone in the morning, except for the glitter, reindeer dont eat glitter you We always leave Santa a glass of milk and a bit of Christmas cake too.
Have a nice day!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh OH I double booked !!

Things get so hectic around Christmas, Im so sorry everyone I double booked myself on the 13th ( with a very valid explanation). I was hosting a birthday party for my boys, 8 children on sugar highs running around the house, I had planned on an outside party, I had not planned on the pouring rain - all day!! We had pinatas, and games a plenty, lots of lollies and cake too.. Im still cleaning up the I will add my pics over the next couple of days... So sorry I missed the party, a thousand apologies.. Ahh the chaos of Christmas, so much to do, such little time..
Heres a piccy of the birthday cake I made, dont laugh!!

PS. I love my beautiful banner made by Jullie at Yhanks Julles, Its perfect!!
Have a nice day!