Friday, February 20, 2009

What the ?????

I'd like to introduce you to my cat Mufasa ( named after the Lion king of course ), the boys chose him from an animal shelter a couple of years ago and he is a fabulous farm cat. He is fearless by nature and spends his day hunting rabbits which are bigger and heavier than him, hes quite amazing.
The kennel pictured belongs to Flash the Jack Russell.
We arrived home this afternoon to find Mufasa fast asleep in Flash's kennel, with apparently no intention of moving, even the poor Flash couldnt get him out, he stood there barking for ages, Mufasa didnt even bother to completely open his eyes, he just ignored him... Poor Flashy who will take on a fox without hesitation would not dare to mess with the cat..
Looks like I may have to get another kennel.. I hope Flash's pride isnt too badly bruised. lol
Photos taken in order of the event..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sweet Cupcakes

Well here they are, my new range of cushions.
I have had great fun making these and there are many more on the way in lots of different colors and textures, my ideas seem limitless at the moment, now all I have to do is jot them down so I dont forget them all.
Does anyone else have that problem? Sometimes there is just no stopping me and other times I have " sewers block " where i just sit and wonder hmm what can I make, but all that comes to me is a big nothing....
I have taken a couple of custom orders Cupcake cushions with little girls names requested underneath in place of the word "Cupcake" and they look so sweet.
Its nice to get back into the swing of things, it sure has taken me a while this year. Time seems to just vanish, where does it go?
Ive managed to list a few on ebay and also a couple on my website.
Take care,