Friday, February 15, 2008

Cath Kidston lamp

I finished this pretty lamp last night whilst watching "Medium" . I just love the shape of the shade. Im not usually a blue girl but these two Cath Kidston fabrics were irresistable. I have soooo many shades on the go at the moment. My fingers are sore from all the stitching..ouch!

Anyway its a lovely day, the sun is shining, the houseworks all done so Im off to ride my horse.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Look at all my pressies!!

Is this the sweetest gift ever, a gorgeous charm with a piccy of my sweet boys on their first day at school..

PS..Sneaky Julles tricked me into sending her this pic!!

Well what a day! I have just got home from the doctors after taking Jake who is now sleeping restlessly on the couch with a hell of an earache, poor little man...Middle ear infection..

Whilst out I dropped in to the post office to get my mail and to my great surprise and delight there was a parcel for me, nope not ebay I thought, hmmm what could it be... Inside the box were 2 beautiful cards, one from Shannon and the other from Jullie..There were also many gift wrapped parcels...ohhh the excitement! Each parcel had a different letter from the word FRIEND...Ohh you gals are naughty and oh so thoughtful!!

There was even a little barrel of Monkeys each for my boys!

What a lucky girl I am to have friends like these, and that goes for all the lovelies at the PC , your all gems ( with exquisite!

They did all this because my Secret Santa ran of with a

But wait theres more

The best faux cupcakes around are made by Shannon!

Oh and a pretty cup, hmm who told you about my fetish for coffee cups..

Ohh look a C for Cherrie goes perfectly in my sewing room!

So a very big Thankyou to you two lovely, talented, thoughtful friends!