Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ugly and old to charming..

Yukky green handles..eww

I picked up this ugly old dresser on saturday, my plan was to repaint it and get rid of the mirror and use it as a set of drawers. When I arrived to pick it up i found the old mirror had pretty bevilled edges and the mirror was also adjustable so you could tilt it upward slightly as well, its very solid too, ohh so heavy.
I sanded it back and gave it an undercoat, then a coat of pink and lastly a top coat or two.. The corners have been rubbed back to bare wood with just a touch of pink peeping through, and last but not least "blingy handles".

Wonder if hubby will even notice its presence, probably not, things come and go quite quickly around

Apart from a visit from one of my fellow pink adoring friends for a quick cuppa ( ha ha yes Deb, Im talking about you!) Ive done nothing but paint and sew all weekend, its been a very productive weekend. Now I have to clean and tidy the house before everyone gets home so it looks like I've actually done

Have a nice day!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Cherrie, I can't believe that not only did you make that gorgeous quilt but gave this dresser a redo too! And it turned out so pretty! You're amazing!


Cherrie, isn't it amazing what a coat of paint & some TLC can do. It looks wonderful. Also love that beautiful quilt, how clever you are.
Coll :-}