Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh OH I double booked !!

Things get so hectic around Christmas, Im so sorry everyone I double booked myself on the 13th ( with a very valid explanation). I was hosting a birthday party for my boys, 8 children on sugar highs running around the house, I had planned on an outside party, I had not planned on the pouring rain - all day!! We had pinatas, and games a plenty, lots of lollies and cake too.. Im still cleaning up the I will add my pics over the next couple of days... So sorry I missed the party, a thousand apologies.. Ahh the chaos of Christmas, so much to do, such little time..
Heres a piccy of the birthday cake I made, dont laugh!!

PS. I love my beautiful banner made by Jullie at Yhanks Julles, Its perfect!!
Have a nice day!


Jules said...

the cake is sweet hehe you outta have seen some i have made in my least yours looks like what its supposed to me.Mine never did lol

Valerie said...

What a delicious looking cake and cut too.

I am sure the kids loved it.

Sharon Ellery said...

What a scrumptious looking cake. I was late too for my entry (five parties in three days does that...LOL). Will check back.

Merry Christmas.