Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Creativity !!

I found this so ummm cute? well funny anyway I just had to share. My son made this clay monster a few days ago, now dry he brought it out proudly to show me. If you look really closely you can see he has leaves for ears and arms, his hair is made from carefully selected little twigs. Now if you look really closely, really closely

Can you see what his eyes, nose and mouth are made from?? Can you guess?

If you thought Rabbit Poo then you would be right, yep, very carefully placed rabbit poo. Now thats what I call


Peta said...

That is so funny Cherrie!

Jules said...

hmm i could sooo see that in pride of place in the dining room lol

*Noelle* said...

how boyish!! lol oh the things we receive as mommy's and we love them all!!

♥ noelle

The Pink Poodle said...

POOH BUM!! goo sooty!!

xx andrea

Glenda said...

wow that is soooooooooo cool.He sounds like a very clever little boy and you never know it may be worths millions one day if you could bear to part with love from Glenda