Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chrissy Swap

Joy! My Christmas swap parcel was waiting for me at the Post Office this morning, an intriguing big box wrapped in brown paper and a big Christmassy address on the top all for me.. Armed with my cappuccino straight from the cafe i rushed to my car and excitedly ripped off the paper to find a gorgeous festive box, ribbon and all. Coffee safely in the coffee holder I opened the lid, everything was so pretty, firstly a gorgeous blingy pink Christmas stocking with tiny white beads hand sewn on, a divine little mirrored trinket box, I love it! Dig a little deeper, ah ha some pretty decorations for my tree, I just adore the clip on birds with the pink feather tails! Vanilla and orange bath salts for when I want to relax, a pretty note pad, so very cute, 2 Santa stockings filled with Santa stamps and pencils and a little Santa choccy ( 1 stocking each for my boys, they will love it ), a divine tag complete with a crystal and last but not least an adorable Tussie Mussie filled with chocolates.. I'm afraid I cant show you a picture of the Chocolates though as I ate them all on the way home, well it is a 15 minute drive you
So a very big thank you to my wonderful swap partner Linda, you are amazing. I hope you like yours as much as I like mine!!
Have a nice day!


Laurie said...

Very nice!!

Raspberry Roses said...

So glad you like it Cherrie, I'm sure I will love yours hugs Linda :)

Jules said...

berry nice linda is a cherub isnt she,i love her swaps

Alison Gibbs said...

Wow what treasures you got from Linda in the swap.