Friday, January 30, 2009

The " Anna Bag "

Here are some pictures of my latest bag which I made for a friend of mine who happens to be a very talented artist and newly obsessed quilter. If she hasn't got a paintbrush in her hand then shes probably churning out her next quilt .. I love how this one turned out, it would have to be one of my favourites.
The colors were inspired by the pictures of my back paddocks, and although the colors out there are beautiful it would be nice to see a little more green amongst it ... hint hint, c'mon rain!!

Until next time

Have a nice day!


Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique said...

Oh, I love that bag! What a beautiful work of art! I want to thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to follow me! I always take that as a great compliment. I love chenille, all types, except poly of course, they can be stained, torn or perfect, they all have memories from others we will never know, but just wonder!

Have a great day!


shabbyrose said...

Thanks for following my blog! I have added yours to mine also.
It looks like you have a beautiful place in Australia! Reminds me of Montana (USA) where I live.
I look forward to following your blog and checking out your ebay shop!
Shabby Rose Boutique

Laurie said...

I love it! I so want your sewing achine.

cuteartworld said...

What a beautiful bag I love the county colors! We have a bullmastiff Too! His name is Samson..To cool I will have to post a pic of him..Thank you so much for following me!

PINK DAYS decohic de Karina M said...

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